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Touchless Car Drying For Car Care Enthusiasts.

Introducing the BUDDI from Bigboi. Catering for the enthusiast who wants an

affordable yet high-quality & high-performance drying solution.
Australian designed, super-portable& compact, the all-new, BUDDI features a
powerful 1.2 PEAK HP motor that pumps out at a CRAZY 220 km/h or 19,680 ft/min warm (25 degrees above ambient) filtered air that will thoroughly dry your small car, bike or ski in minutes. 

Only standing at 240 mm the BUDDI is the perfect drying solution to your
detailing arsenal or the perfect complement to your existing
Bigboi products.


Features & Benefits:

  • Touchless drying keeps paintwork safe from scratches & swirls
  • Powerful motor blasts water out of traps & away from surfaces
  • Great for drying around filler caps, wheel spokes, calipers & nuts
  • Dries engines & components quickly, prevents corrosion
  • 2-stage adjustable wind control from 72km/h up to 220km/h (45mph - 137mph)
  • BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT) - set 25 degrees Celsius (°C)
  • Uses filtered air - safer than using a leaf blower or pet dryer
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, chrome, fabric convertible roofs
  • Supplied with 2 interchangeable nozzles
  • Foam air filter included (washable & reusable)

Technical Specification:

  • 1000-watt motor producing up to 1.2 PEAK HP
  • Airflow: CFM/FPM 19,680 ft/min
  • DB rating: Low 73 High 78
  • Neoprene rubber hose nozzle
  • Low noise reduction twin filter system
  • EZ Change foam filter
  • BigBoi Temperature Technology (BTT)
  • Size: Only standing 240mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg

Optional Accessories 

  • Hose pack including a 1.5 meter hose with 2 locking Nozzles & a shoulder strap. 

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