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Professional Pressure Washer for Detailers

Introducing the new & improved bigboi WASHR PRO MKII, a professional-grade pressure washer designed for the fussiest detailers. Equipped with advanced technology, including a Total Stop System (TSS), Brushless Induction Technology, and a commercial duty Italian designed Triplex forged brass pump head, this washer delivers a perfect combination of PSI and water flow rate. With a maximum pressure of 1200PSI and a flow rate of 1.88GPM with 0.35 nozzles, the WASHR PRO ensures an efficient and quiet operation, making it an indispensable tool for professional car care.



    Regular price $699.99 USD
    Regular price Sale price $699.99 USD


    At bigboi, we understand that achieving the perfect wash requires the perfect combination of PSI and water flow rate. That’s why we’ve fine-tuned every aspect of the WASHR PRO, from the pump head to the motor, hose kit, and nozzle orifice, creating the ultimate professional washer kit. Built with the latest cutting-edge technology typically found in machines over $1000, the bigboi WASHR PRO is equipped with a Total Stop System (TSS) that senses water flow in the pump and automatically turns off when the trigger is released, reducing noise and motor wear.

    The WASHR PRO features Brushless Induction Technology, providing it with four times the lifespan of conventional washers. Its commercial duty Italian-designed Triplex forged brass pump head and 4-pole setup deliver low 1450RPM with high torque, making it one of the quietest units with a noise level under 80DB. The WASHR PRO’s commercial-grade construction is backed by a standard 2-year warranty and an impressive 10-year limited warranty on the pump head.

    The WASHR PRO outputs a tuned rate of 1200PSI with a water flow rate of 1.92GPM, ensuring efficient cleaning. The washer also includes ¼ inch quick connect attachments all around and is designed with the iconic bigboi colour palette.


    • Voltage: 120V/60HZ- subject to your region
    • Motor: 1800W (Peak) Induction
    • Maximum Pressure: True 1200PSI
    • Max Flow Rate: 15 AMP 1.92GPM max
    • Hose Length: 42.6' ft
    • Max Water Temp: Can accept up to 140 F
    • Power Cable Length: 16.40ft
    • Pressure Nozzle Connection: 1/4 Inch
    • Power Plug: Certified Standard for your region
    • Carton Dimension (L x W x H): 53x 28x 33cm 20.86x 11.02x 13 inches
    • Carton Weight: 61.72lb

    WashR PRO Set FAQ's

    What's the difference between the WashR "Unit Only" and the WashR Set?

    The WashR PRO Set includes a Quick release trigger hand gun with stainless steel extension arm & a 13m commercial grade braided hose valued at $249.00 AUD

    What’s the difference between the original WashR PRO and the MKII?

    Based on valuable feedback from our customers, we have upgraded the WashR PRO to the MKII. The MKII features a new operating system that no longer relies on a PCB board, addressing a common issue faced by our mobile detailers. The original unit was sensitive to incorrect extension leads, excessive distances, or inconsistent power, which could affect performance. The MKII resolves these issues, making it more robust and reliable for commercial use. We’ve also had the new units field-tested by professional detailers all around Australia, receiving great feedback on its improved reliability and performance.

    What are the advantages of Triplex pumps?

    The advantages of triplex positive displacement (PD) pumps include high
    efficiency, the ability to generate high pressure, and consistent volume output
    regardless of pressure changes. This makes them ideal for applications that
    require controlled variable flow. Their design ensures reliable and stable
    performance, making them suitable for demanding environments where precision
    and durability are crucial. Triplex pumps are also known for their longevity
    and lower maintenance needs compared to other pump types.

    Is a Triplex pump better than an Axial pump for detailing?

    Triplex plunger pumps are considered the highest quality pressure washer
    pumps, particularly for detailing applications. Axial cam pumps, which are
    direct drive and operate at the same speed as the engine, can deliver
    substantial pressure and performance but tend to wear down faster. In contrast,
    triplex pumps offer superior durability and consistent performance, making them
    ideal for heavy-duty and professional use. Their ability to generate high
    pressure and maintain a constant volume ensures a longer lifespan and better
    results for detailed cleaning tasks.

    Can I use an extension cord?

    Yes you can - just make sure it is a Heavy Duty, 10A plug. You need heavy gauge conductors rto reduce voltage drops. As an example check out the HPM 10m 1.5mm² 10A 3 Core Extra Heavy Duty Tradesman Extension Lead from bunnings.

    WARNING: Failing to use the correct extension cord may damage the electronics of the unit and void your warranty, same applies to generator users.

    Can I use a Generator?

    Yes it is possible - However, if you are considering using a generator with this unit, please contact bigboi before use as the unit will need to be modified to suit generator use.

    How Noisy is the Unit?

    The WASHR PRO to be one of the quietest washer units with a BD reading of under 80DB.

    What makes the WASHR PRO different from other pressure washers?

    The WASHR PRO features advanced technology like TSS, Brushless Induction Technology, and a commercial duty Italian-designed Triplex forged brass pump head, providing unmatched durability and performance and a price point like the WashR PRO.

    How does the Total Stop System (TSS) benefit the user?

    The TSS senses water flow in the pump and automatically turns off when the trigger is released, reducing noise and motor wear.

    What is the maximum pressure and flow rate of the WASHR PRO?

    The WASHR PRO has a maximum pressure of 1850PSI and a flow rate of 9.5LPM, with a tuned rate of 1450PSI and 9.2LPM at the nozzle.

    Is the WASHR PRO suitable for professional use?

    Absolutely. Its powerful performance, durability, and advanced features make it perfect for professional detailers.

    How long is the warranty on the WASHR PRO?

    The WASHR PRO comes with a 2-year standard manufacturing warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on the pump head.

    Can the WASHR PRO handle prolonged use?

    Yes, it is designed for durability and can handle extended periods of use without compromising performance.

    What attachments are included with the WASHR PRO?

    The package includes a professional series foam cannon, quick release short trigger handgun, 13m commercial grade braided hose, varying degree nozzles, brass water inlet connection, and a brass 3/8 quick release hose connector.